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laLemonia Piazza Terrace

Lemonia Piazza

Reminiscent of a picturesque village square surrounded by arches with heavy timber...


Epicurean Restaurant

A curving cloister leads the way to this restaurant with its impressive décor featuring stone...


Ristorante Bacco

At Ristorante Bacco – a name known and appreciated in a number of European countries...

027C oshin restaurant2

O'Shin Restaurant

In a secluded area and with a style all its own, the O’Shin Restaurant adds ...

Family lunch at Mediterraneo B

Mediterraneo Restaurant

Our open-air restaurant, only a few steps from the sea, serves Cypriot and Mediterranean...

Astria Bar

Astria Bar

The Astria is themed around the night sky with constellations. Intimate seating allows...

Cafe Occidental C

Café Occidental

Located in the heart of the resort, the Café Occidental enjoys dramatic views...

Mare Nostrum

Mare Nostrum Pool Bar

Sunken below ground level and at the same height as the pool water, La Loggia...


Your visit to Paphos is a complete experience: outstanding location, cultural interest and culinary excellence combined. The Elysium offers you the opportunity to enjoy an enticing dining experience in some of the best, award-winning restaurants in the Paphos district. At the Elysium, the most sophisticated and luxurious hotel in Paphos, dining is a key element. 

The hotel’s restaurants aim to create exceptional culinary moments that tantalise the palate. Our restaurants offer a wide variety of international cuisines, so there is a plethora of options and enticing flavours available. While the restaurants vary in style, all offer expertly prepared, fresh, innovative food and unparalleled service. 

The Elysium restaurants in historical Paphos transform the fresh produce picked from land adjacent to the hotel into gourmet experiences ranging from local traditional dishes, to skillfully crafted sushi. They present exclusive dining opportunities for those looking to satiate their hunger with incomparable flavor and exquisitely fresh ingredients.