Welcome to the Elysium

A Five Star Resort on the Coast of Paphos
The Elysium Beach Resort has been selected by the Sunday Times as one of the 3 new best hotels of the world on 7/7/02. 

The Elysium Beach Resort has been recognized with the Award of "The Best Leisure Project in Europe" on 18/11/02, an award given once every four years by the European Leisure Property Forum.

The Elysium Beach Resort has been awarded another accolade - a nomination for "Best Leisure Hotel" at the annual MIPIM exhibition, the largest real estate exhibition in the world. Over 600 hotels were considered and the Elysium was amongst the three final nominees along with two other highly prestigious properties: Chicago Sofitel for "Best Business Hotel" and the Paris Hyatt for "The Best Hotel". The high standard of genuine hospitality must be maintained and improved in order to remain "The Best Hotel" in our category and, of course, to be recognized for the high quality we offer not just in the local market but internationally.

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