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  • ESPA Age Defyer Facial

    A luxurious rejuvenating facial treatment especially created to help combat the signs of ageing, and sun-damaged skin. Suitable for those concerned with minimizing and protecting against the visible signs of ageing; excellent for stressed, mature, dry, dehydrated skin.


    80 mins - €115.00

  • ESPA Skin Brightner Facial

    Perfect for all skin conditions, particularly when environmental stress, business pressure, illness or lack of sleep can leave you with dull, lifeless, sallow skin. Skin Brightening treatments are applied, leaving your skin visibly smoother with a radiant glow.


    55 mins - €91.00

  • ESPA Oil Controller Facial

    Ideal for oily, congested, problematic skin or those suffering from hormonal imbalance. This deep cleansing facial is designed to regulate oil secretions while refining open pores to encourage a clear complexion.


    70 mins - €98.00

  • ESPA Desensitiser Facial

    A soothing facial designed for sensitive skins which are prone to redness and irritation. Natural plant extracts and aromatherapy oils are used to reduce sensitivity and to calm high colour. Your skin will feel refreshed and hydrated.


    55 mins - €91.00

  • ESPA Rehydrator Facial

    This facial is ideal for dry, dehydrated and tired skin while also providing an excellent regenerating boost for all skin types. Natural plant extracts are specifically chosen for their deep re-hydrating benefits. Your skin will be left deeply nourished and feel silky smooth.


    55 mins - €95.00

  • ESPA Face And Back Facial

    This treatment is designed to rejuvenate your skin and ease away tension from your back, shoulders, neck and scalp. Beginning with a back cleanse, then a stress-relieving massage followed by a complete ESPA facial and oriental head massage.


    85 mins - €123.00

  • ESPA Mens Facial

    This is a purifying balancing and hydrating facial. Steaming hot towels are wrapped around the face and neck to soothe and aid drainage that can lead to blocked pores. Incorporating a relaxing face and neck massage with acupressure points concluding with a deep shoulder and oriental head massage that releases tight muscles and tension.


    55 mins - €91.00


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