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ESPA Indulgent and Body Envelopment Treatments


  • ESPA Restorative Mud Wrap

    A luxurious treatment, where we use a mixture of warm mud, rich creams and essential oils to pamper your skin. Ideal for dry or stressed skin as it will rehydrate, nourish and revitalise the whole body.


    55 mins - €95.00

  • ESPA Detoxifying Algae Wrap

    Known for its hydrating and detoxifying properties, the algae wrap helps improve circulation, speeding up the elimination of toxins and excess fluid. It also helps improve the appearance of the skin, minimizing the dimpled appearance of cellulite.


    55 mins - €95.00

  • ESPA Skin Hydrator Wrap

    This body wrap brings true re-hydration to normal, dry and sensitive skin, leaving it plump, hydrated and soft.


    55 mins - €95.00

  • ESPA Body Envelopment And Massage

    For the ultimate body experience select any of our body wraps and enjoy an ESPA back, neck and shoulder massage to complete your body envelopment. This treatment will leave you truly relaxed and rejuvenated.


    85 mins - €144.00

  • ESPA Pre-Natal Body Care

    This total body treatment has been carefully designed for mothers to be and nursing mothers to aid relaxation. Prenatal Care is de-stressing, relaxing and improves the skins texture during this very special time in your life. The treatment begins with a full body polish; following a soothing massage and enriching body mask which completes this pampering experience you deserve.


    90 mins - €135.00

  • ESPA Total Holistic Body Care

    A therapeutic treatment using a blend of essential oils chosen to your individual requirements. This treatment begins with skin brushing and full-body exfoliation, followed by a deeply relaxing body massage and complimented with a face and oriental scalp massage to relax, balance and de-stress mind and body.


    90 mins - €135.00


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