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Social Responsibility


The creation of meaningful opportunities, our commitment to community services and human rights, the reduction of our hotels’ footprint, while at the same time offering the warmth of hospitality, are powerful and core values at STADEMOS HOTELS PLC.


Powerful meanings that lead our way and inspire our work constitute what makes up our vision. This is what leads our mission towards hospitality at its best and makes the difference in people’s lives. Our responsibility to our guests, the professionals we grow our business with and the communities we call home are described in detail in this report. Attention to detail and love for what we do constitute the qualities that distinguish us, while at the same time, are the primary reasons why our guests show their trust and continuous preference to us. Stademos Hotels is fully aware and conscious of a set of global issues and is actively involved in efforts to connect our business to society. Our Corporate Social Responsibility provides a detailed framework for our goals and solutions while supporting great ideas that matter.


Click here to read Stademos Hotels Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report.


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