Create Timeless Memories at the Elysium

Hosting grand events all begins and ends with choosing the perfect venue, setting the tone for the entire occasion and defining you and your guests’ experience in every way.


At the Elysium, we make this all-important decision as easy as ever, with a full range of impeccable indoor and outdoor venues, each with distinct features and flexible layout possibilities which cater to any conceivable need and perfectly align with your own personal vision.

Explore our Basilica Ballroom, Templar and Messina Halls, Sea Front Venue, Orpheus Amphitheatre, Sunset Pier, Library Terrace and more, and allow us to ensure your vision effortlessly becomes an extraordinary reality.


For reservation enquiries and further information about the Elysium, please call us at +357 2684 4444 or send an email with any questions or comments about your visit to our Events Coordinator Ms. Elisa Kasiouli at  


We look forward to hearing from you.