Elysium – as well as all the Stademos Hotels – aspires to create memories that will last forever, while protecting, supporting, and empowering the local nature, economic, and local communities. When it comes to implementing our sustainability policies, our goal is to make a positive economic, social and environmental impact, without compromising on the luxury customer experience our guests have come to expect. This means emphasizing our environmentally friendly solutions and carefully tailored guest experiences that center around local products, protecting the local environment, and promoting Cyprus. 

Our strategies have always taken into account our guests and the industry, as well as the local community and environment. In order to deliver the best possible service, we monitor safety related factors, we respect the people around us, and we care about the environment. Our ultimate goal is that of sustainable luxury, that is, the framework of luxury holidays in a sustainable and future oriented environment. 

Environmental initiatives

    Elysium has implemented a number of innovations that help drive us toward a better tomorrow. These include renewable energy from photovoltaics, and a reduction of our carbon footprint and water consumption. In 2022, we met our Sustainability Goals by reducing our carbon footprint by 4.8%, our heat consumption by 7%, and our water consumption by 12%. We have also replaced all our single-use plastic cutlery, straws and plates with alternative solutions, as well as the individual room toiletries with refillable dispensers. A hotel-wide recycling initiative includes the recycling of batteries, glass, frying oil, paper and plastic, and we encourage our guests to participate in any way they can, including opting not to change their bathroom and bed linen on a daily basis

    Community and social responsibility

      Our responsibility to the community starts with our own people. We continuously invest in employee training and education, and take the satisfaction of our staff very seriously. We also take pride in collaborating with local suppliers, both in our day-to-day operations, but also in the use of our building materials that are sourced directly from our island’s resources. In our support of the community, we are also providing you with the most authentic experience of the Cypriot way of life. We do this by encouraging our guests to visit local artisans and craftsmen, as well as wineries and archaeological sites, and offer a free shuttle bus service to the Old Paphos Market. Upon guests’ departure, we invite them to join in our support of the Cyprus Anticancer Society with their own 2EUR contribution.