Discover Paphos

The majestic grounds of the Elysium are situated next to the ancient Tombs of the Kings, just one of the many historical masterpieces for which the city is famous. Indeed, Paphos is home to a vast range of breathtaking locales, natural wonders, diversity and adventure. Immerse yourself in traditional culture, swim in the azure waters of the Mediterranean, unearth the tales of deities past, converse with local artisans and craftsmen, sample delectable homegrown delicacies, and explore wild, untouched nature. The wonders of Paphos and beyond await your discovery!

Whether you are a history buff eager to enhance your cultural awareness, a wine connoisseur looking to sip your way through the island’s sun-drenched vineyards, or an adventure seeker curious about the Mediterranean Sea’s underwater secrets, there are no end to the activities you can choose.

Archeological sites

Discover the proud heritage of Paphos. The city’s long and fascinating history is evident in the many archaeological sites that have been unearthed and carefully conserved, allowing for a glimpse into the past and a walk through the island’s thousands years of history.


Once the ancient capital of Cyprus, Paphos is a culturally diverse city with a rich and fascinating history. Today, several museums in and around the city offer a walk-through time, with exhibitions that showcase the region’s ancestry, art and culture.

Scuba diving

The Mediterranean Sea is famous for its tranquil waters that make the area ideal for deep-sea discoveries all year round. With numerous shipwrecks and volcanic formations and caves to explore, both beginner and experienced divers will delight in the magical wonders of the undersea world.


Cyprus has long been an attractive option for golfers in search of the opportunity to enhance their game in a beautiful setting. Its moderate winter temperatures and varied landscape in particular have made the island a premium hotspot for winter golf getaways.

Bike hire

Year round sunshine makes Paphos the ideal destination for exploring via bicycle, and appreciating the city and its surrounding countryside from an entirely different perspective. We offer bikes for hire so all you need is a map and some snacks for an adventure off the beaten track.

Wine tours

There are more than 25 registered wineries in lush wine villages across the island, from Cyprus to Troodos and beyond. Local wine tours will take you on a flavorful journey where you can take in the sights, elevate your knowledge of the main varieties of Cyprus grapes, and sample local wines and traditional delicacies.


Set sail to see the Paphos coastline from an entirely different perspective. Sample local delicacies, and discover talented craftsmen and artisans. Or enjoy a splash-filled day of fun for the whole family at the Paphos Waterpark. The options are truly endless, and the many wonderfully exciting activities of Paphos await!

When to visit

Paphos, like all of Cyprus, enjoys a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters, making it an ideal, year-round destination. Sun seekers will find that the best time to visit is between the months of June and October, in order to soak up sunny days and enjoy the full impact of Cyprus summertime. However, even when the hot summer sun gives way to cooler days, the island still offers a enjoyable holiday experience as the lower temperatures make outdoor exploration even more fun.