Staff Promotions

We are proud to announce that the Elysium Hotel Head Receptionist, Evdoxia Paschalaki, has just been promoted to the position of Assistant Front Office Manager.

A promoted employee is a benchmark of success for every organization and all the team members. Here at the Elysium luxury hotel in Paphos, we take our employees training and development very seriously and we are keen to reward their achievements, considering every employee’s career development as a sign of growth and success for all of us. Evdoxia Paschalaki has been working at the Elysium since 2008 as Head Receptionist at the Front Office Department. Her strong work ethic, positive attitude and effective communication skills have not gone unnoticed. She has been recently promoted to the position of the Assistant Front Office Manager, a well-deserved position for her hard work and commitment. We are sure that with her experience and dedication she will contribute to the further success of the Elysium. Congratulations Evdoxia!