Leisure at the Elysium


    Over 700 birds from over 165 species from baby birds to large Ostriches a 190 ton Blue Whale, Mr. Giraffe, a Red Kangaroo plus 50 species of reptiles including a Nile crocodile, a venomous Beaded Lizard, and not forgetting the quite special Gaboon Viper which boasts the longest fangs of any snake in the world. These marvelous creatures live in environmentally conscious conditions and the aim of the zoo is to try and maintain the balance of those creatures which are rapidly facing extinction, hence their successful breeding programme. It’s a lovely environment also for humans with mini lakes, ponds and gardens. Open all year.For entrance tickets and further information please contact our Guest Relations Department.

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  • Paphos Aphrodite Water Park

    Open from the end of March until October. Slides rides and water fun for all ages with family rafting also available along with the mini volcano, a Kamikaze ride plus Jacuzzi and a wave pool, these are only a few of the thrill seeking water attractions on offer. For entrance tickets and further information please contact our Guest Relations Department

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  • Cruising

    There is a cruise to suit almost every mood, whether it’s a romantic sunset outing on calm flat seas and above a star studded night sky. A front row seat aboard the firework cruise night, or perhaps a day trip on a pirate ship. Then again, you may just wish to go on a cruise which requires only that you chill out on deck with a cool glass of beer or juice, as the Captain gently steers his boat through the aquamarine waters you can always wonder what your work mates are doing ‘back at the office’. For further information and bookings please contact our Guest Relations Department.

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