Leisure at the Elysium

Scuba Diving at the Elysium

As part of our promise to always offer the best of services and facilities to our guests, the Elysium has recently formed collaboration with the Cyprus Scuba Diving Centre in order to provide visitors with the opportunity to explore the unique underwater environment of Cyprus. Cyprus is an ideal spot for scuba diving throughout the year. On the one hand, the numerous shipwrecks, the ancient monuments and the volcanic formations and caves at the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea are sure to leave divers with a sense of sheer amazement. The Mediterranean Sea is famous for its tranquil waters, whereas underwater currents are remarkably favourable throughout the year. Underwater visibility is extremely good (30m+), whereas the water temperature ranges from 16 degrees Celsius in winter to 30 degrees Celsius during the summer months.


The collaboration between the Elysium and Cydive means that visitors of the hotel have access to a variety of worldwide-accepted training programs that Cydive offers on a a daily basis. As well as entry-level training and courses on all aspects of scuba diving, one of the most famous programs among holiday-makers is a half-day training program intended for adults and children above the age of ten.


CyDive: www.cydive.com

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