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Massages & Holistic Therapies

Rediscover your inner calm and physical wellbeing. Genuine care is taken during our massage treatments to address your individual needs, with natural formulas and holistic techniques specially applied to provide a profoundly effective experience for both mind and body. Muscular tensions are released, the mind is quietened, and you will emerge feeling energised, with renewed focus and lasting positivity.


  • ESPA Inner Calm Massage

    Quieten your mind, release tension and nourish your skin with this holistic, restorative experience. Personalised to your physical and emotional needs, carefully chosen aromatherapy blends relax, cleanse or energise, while advanced massage alleviates muscular pressure, soothes anxiety and invokes profound relaxation. Mind and body feel balanced, energy is renewed and inner calm is beautifully restored.


    Includes: Breathwork, full body aromatherapy massage, and scalp massage with Rose Quartz Crystals. 

    60/90 minutes / €105/€152 

  • Thai Massage

    This holistic, healing, oil-free massage has been used for many centuries as a form of prevention rather than a cure, and leaves you feeling rejuvenated. Thai Massage is more energising than classic forms of massage. This technique involves the therapist using their own hands, knees, legs and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like stretches, while pressure points are also applied. It has been said that Thai Massage is like doing yoga without the work!


    Includes: Thai Massage with no oil targeting the back, legs, arms, neck, head and shoulders.


    60/90 minutes / €106/€156 

  • ESPA Balinese Massage

    This massage uses long, warming strokes to encourage a sense of complete calm and wellbeing. Gently heated aromatherapy oils are poured onto the centre of the body and massaged into the skin using stretching and sweeping movements for deep relaxation. Hot volcanic stones are used to tailor the massage pressure to your needs and to release tension. This soothing and indulgent massage leaves your mind, body and spirit soothed and relaxed.


    Includes: Foot ritual and Balinese massage targeting the back, legs, abdomen, neck and shoulders


    90 minutes / €145

  • Total Body Holistic Massage with Hot Stones

    An ultimate full body experience, the skin is first prepared with a light brushing and full body polish (which itself aids lymphatic drainage) to allow for the full benefits of the aromatic oils to be attained. The journey then continues with a deep full body, face and scalp massage using volcanic hot stones. 


    Includes: Skin brush, body scrub, full body massage, and face & scalp massage with hot stones. 

    100 minutes / €158

  • Ayurvedic Ritual

    Your journey begins with a luxurious foot cleanse, followed by a deep therapeutic pressure points massage on the upper back, neck and shoulders. A leg massage and relaxing head and scalp massage follow. To complete your Ayurvedic journey, a fine flow of warm oil is drizzled onto your third eye chakra to restore balance and harmony. This treatment will release blocked energy, revitalise tired muscles and leave you physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced.


    Includes: Foot ritual, massage of the neck and shoulder area, leg massage up to the knees, Indian head massage and use of hot oil drizzled on the third eye. 


    90 minutes / €145 

  • Padabhyanga

    A deeply relaxing lower leg and foot treatment utilising a blend of warm Ayurvedic oils to revitalise tired muscles, and ease aches and pains. The treatment starts with bathing and exfoliation of the feet, and continues with a lower leg massage and the use of deep pressure points to release blocked energy. 


    Includes: Foot ritual, and foot & lower leg massage.

    45 minutes / €95


Operating Hours: Daily 07:00 to 20:00 hours


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