Weddings at the Elysium

Dedicated Wedding Specialist 


  • What is the responsibility of the Elysium's Wedding Specialist?

    Make all necessary arrangements to obtain the license from the local municipality.

    To arrange a minister to conduct the wedding ceremony.

    Make arrangements with the special events professionals to include the In-house florist, In-house photographer, Spa requirements, hair and make-up trials, entertainment etc.

    Act as a Food and Beverage menu advisor including the wedding cake.

    Create the wedding itinerary detailing banquet event orders and outlining your entire event.

    Create a floor plan of your function space, in order for you to provide seating arrangements.

    Oversee the details of the bride and groom's room reservations.

    Co-ordinate your wedding day in Cyprus to include ceremony and room(s) set-ups, food preparations and other necessary operations.

    Ensure a smooth transition to the hotel's Banquet Captain once the Grand Entrance has occurred.

    Review all the banquet checks for accuracy, prior to the completion and pricing of the final bill.

  • Can the Elysium wedding specialist organize a minister who can conduct the ceremony and issue a license for the wedding?

    The Elysium is conveniently located near the Local Municipality with an eye blinking drive of only 5 minutes. The hotel's wedding co-ordinator arranges all your appointments with the Town Hall and acts as a sole middle person between you and the Municipality.

  • Can The Elysium Wedding Specialist recommend a good photographer, florist or entertainment team for the big day?

    The Elysium is proud to offer its In-House Florist, In-House photographer and various entertainment options who will convert all your dreams and ideas into reality.

    All the vendors used by The Elysium luxury hotel in Paphos are highly skilled and experienced in their particular fields and hold a high reputation in order to match the hotel's level of standards.

    Please note that all the vendors which the hotel works with have valid business licenses and maintain a good image by following the legal restrictions applied by the government.

    Thus, if you prefer to make arrangements with any other vendors on your own in this case the hotel has the full authority to screen and choose the vendors in order to make sure that they live up to the hotel's standards.

  • What other services can The Elysium provide for the event?

    The Elysium can provide a wide range of speciality items like:

    - Marquees (3x3) for the actual ceremony
    - Custom menu pricing
    - White chair covers
    - White linen for tables
    - Red carpet
    - Rose petals
    - Cool aromatic towels for the guests

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