Lifestyle Vitality Programme

Help your body’s toxin levels drop and allow yourself to get back to a healthy new and fresh state of well-being.


Price: Seven-day program: €250

Please note that a 7-day notice is required before booking these packages.

Above price do not include the cost of the meals.

The program includes:

    • A personalized nutritional assessment session with our Nutritionist (including 
    anthropometric, biochemical, clinical & dietary history).
    • Anthropometric measurements include the measurement of your height, weight, 
    metabolic age, body fat, visceral fat, % of body water by the use of Bioelectrical 
    Impedance Analysis (BIA), Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) 
    • The preparation of a balanced menu planning based on your individual requirements 
    (gluten or lactose intolerance, diabetes, etc), which our chefs will be glad to prepare for 
    you to enjoy during your stay.
    • 2x Personal Training 
    • Healthy Juice of your choice after each PT lesson 
    • Follow up visit with the nutritionist at the end of the program 

    The program aims to:

      • Boost energy 
      • Enhance health and well being
      • Eliminate toxins from the body
      • Promote a healthy life by adopting healthier and nutritional habits
      • Healthier skin
      • Anti-ageing benefit

      The benefits of this program are:

        • To maintain continuous and permanent weight loss if needed
        • Less chance of weight regain.
        • No need to spend hours of exercise to burn sufficient calories
        • You can continue to enjoy your favourite dishes - no more strict dieting
        • To increase your metabolism
        • Boosting self-esteem
        • Promoting healthy life by adopting healthier and nutritional habits